OHV service the visa needs of acclaimed professionals who are required to conduct their business explorations globally.

Set up by touring professionals for touring professionals.
We minimise your time spent on repeatedly preparing visas, offering comprehensive and time efficient solutions for certified travel.

Safeguarding high-profile client-sensitive data forms part of OHV USP.

Visas Easy

We handle the entire visa process from start to finish – completing applications, booking appointments and attending the relevant embassies on your behalf.

Personal Data Storage

Fill in one universal visa form and we’ll take care of the rest – completing multiple applications on your behalf, ensuring all future processing is quick and painless.


We operate a secure data storage system, which guarantees your information is fully protected. We’ll never ask you to share sensitive information over email.


Our comprehensive passport application service manages renewals, lost passports and those all important second passport applications, so you don’t have to.

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With confirmation of the US travel ban lifting in November, the US Embassies capacity to process non-immigrant visas should increase. If you / your artists are looking to tour the US in 2022, now’s a great time to work with us to help you prepare your petition and lock in your appointments to ensure your visas are processed in time.

For more information on how we can help with your US petition / visa processing, click here

“If you have a valid O/P visa and can provide of proof of work in the US, OHV can assist with your NIE application. These are now valid for 12 months and allow multiple entry in to the US for the purpose indicated in the approved NIE .” Source

Email us at hello@oh-visas.com to start your NIE application.

“The London US Embassy has said they will be accepting emergency appointments for artists. However, there are no guarantees you’ll get the date you need. When the US travel ban is lifted in November, postal applications will be accepted again, meaning you can skip the interview for those who are renewing a US visa in the last 4 years.”

For more information on how we can help with your US petition / visa application, click here.

“The USCIS have significantly increased their petition premium processing fees for 2021. It’s therefore advantageous to start the application well in advance of your tour start date and use the standard (usually 2/4-month) route to make a considerable saving.” 

For more information on how we can help with your US petition / visa application, click here.

“Your petition start date can be applied for up to one year in advance. With touring likely to resume in the next 12 months, now’s a great time to work with us to help you get your petition organised and your US Embassy appointments locked in.”

For more information on how we can assist with your US petition / visa application, click here.

“If you’re due to perform in the EU, make sure you check with OHV on the entry requirements before you travel. Many EU territories have Visa-Waivers in place for artists. However, you’ll still need to show evidence of the performance at the border to meet the requirements of the waiver. 

For more information on performing in the EU, click here.

“If you are travelling with equipment or musical instruments, make sure you check with OHV on the individual requirements for each EU country you are visiting. We are highly adept in the Carnet process and are on hand to assist with your application.” 

For more info on EU customs, click here.

“Need a new passport urgently? The premium service is now available at the Passport Office. OHV can attend your appointment and deliver your new passport the same day.”

For more information on how we can assist with your passport application, click here.

“Only Helix Artist Management has a UK Temporary Sponsorship License and can issue Certificates of Sponsorship to non-visa nationals to perform in the UK.”

For more info on UK Sponsorship, click here.

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Complete guide for touring artists and crew 

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What our clients say.

OH Visas really went the extra mile, kept me in the loop and my stress levels at a minimum, with the short notice we had to arrange South Korean visas.

Katy Dickson
Rex Orange County Manager

Such a smooth process from start to finish obtaining US visas. I would recommend Ben and the team to any fellow Tour Manager.

Emma Edgar
Hot Chip Tour Manager

Quick, efficient and no nonsense, passport turnaround was seamless. Thanks OH Visas!

Scott Simpson
First Aid Kit / Fontaines DC

OH Visas, understand the mechanics of a live production. Coming from the live world, they know the ins & outs only a Tour Manager and Production Manager could know. Outstanding service.

Martha Kinn
Years & Years Manager

Ben’s knowledge and overall visa experience is very impressive. He was cool, calm and collected throughout the whole process. Thanks OH Visas.

Mark Brightman
Louis Tomlinson Tour Manager

OH Visas are absolute saviours! A last minute change to our travel party to Russia was no problem for these guys. Legends!

Alex Howell
James Arthur Tour Manager

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