Performing in the EU

Many EU territories have Visa-Waivers in place for UK artists. However, you’ll still need to show evidence of the performance at the border to meet the requirements of the waiver. Thus, as a general rule, it’s advisable to have to hand the following documents;

  • Invite(s) from the host (festival/promoter) confirming the performance, location, dates plus names, passport numbers and birth dates of all applicants.
  • Booking confirmation of accommodation and return/onward travel.
  • UK management letter detailing each applicant’s role, performance details and how your expenses are being covered for the duration of stay.

We can provide you with a management letter template and check all your documents, in order to avoid any unwanted confusion at the border.

Work Permits

OHV provides a comprehensive consultancy and application service on the entry requirements for EU territories, where work permits are applicable.

Further, where biometrics are needed to complete your application, we can organise coming to you to have them taken, instead of you having to attend a visa centre.

OHV are happy to help with all EU travel related enquiries, so you are well informed and have all the necessary work permits in place to ensure ease of entry at the border.

EU Residency Permit Holders

UK passport holders, who can legally reside in the EU due to acquiring residency permits are still classed as third country nationals, when travelling and working outside of their EU host nation and the UK. Thus, subjected to the same rules where work permits are required, where visa-waivers exist and where restrictions on spending 90 in 180 days rule in the Schengen area, exist.

Passport Stamping

Beware of incorrect passport stamping at the border, for UK passport holders with EU residency permits as you enter / leave your host EU territory. An incorrect stamp can falsely allude to you having used up all your allocated time in the Schengen area. Thus, you could be denied entry to where you legally reside, even with your EU residency permit card to hand.

What about customs?

If you are travelling with equipment or musical instruments, make sure you check the individual requirements for each country you are visiting.
You can use temporary admission by going through the nothing to declare channel when you arrive, which means you won’t have to pay any duty on them, or you can use a temporary admissions procedure such as an ATA Carnet (which does have associated costs).

OHV are highly adept in the Carnet process and are on hand to assist with your application.

Note; If you don’t organise a Carnet, you may have to declare your instruments and equipment, paying duty on them each time you go through customs.

What about CITES certificates?

If you’re bringing an instrument into the EU that contains endangered species or specimens, such as ivory or rosewood, you’ll need to apply for a CITES permit or certificate, using a designated port of exit and entry upon arrival and departure from the country in question.

For all EU related enquiries, please contact

Get in touch.

At OH Visas we understand the nature of organising travel,  so feel free to contact us at any hour of the day/night and we’ll endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

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