US Visas

The Petition

OHV are extremely well versed in the US petition process. From being involved in many US tours ourselves, from our production / Tour Managing escapades, to working closely with the leading US attorney firms, in preparing evidence to support many renowned artists’ O1/ O2 and P1 / P1s applications. 

We can offer the services of a number of trusted US attorneys. Equally, we’re happy to work with an attorney you’ve had a prior relationship with, if that suits. 

Post Pandemic

There are a couple of things to note as you prepare for US touring going forward:

  • Your petition start date can be applied for up to one year in advance.
  • USCIS have significantly increased their petition premium processing fees. It’s therefore advantageous to start the application well in advance of your tour start date and to use the standard (usually 2/4-months) route to make a considerable saving.

Visa Processing

Once your petition has been approved by the USCIS, the emphasis comes back to OHV, to complete your visa application. We’ll provide everything you’ll need plus full instructions for your US Embassy appointment. 

We’ll return all passports to those who were interviewed at London’s US Embassy. Alternatively, we can assist with your visa application at any US Embassy in the world. 

Emergency Appointments

The US Embassy appointment booking system can become extremely congested with the large volume of applications it has to handle, with their limited capacity. This can lead to extensive queues, meaning there could be a backlog of appointments that stretch back months before the next appointments are available.

To ensure you’re not caught up in this bottleneck, we advise you to start your petition as early as possible, so we can lock in appointments for you in good time. 

However, OHV understands this is not always possible for prevalent artists. In these circumstances, we can present your case for an emergency appointment to the US Embassy. We’ll make sure the US Embassy is made fully aware of the tour facts, financial implications and career damages if you were unable to make the start of your US tour. 

We will present the strongest case possible, using all our experience, so that the US Embassy is able to make a well informed decision on granting you an emergency appointment. 

To start your US Visa application contact us at 

Get in touch.

At OH Visas we understand the nature of organising travel,  so feel free to contact us at any hour of the day/night and we’ll endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

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